Summer Spiritual Warfare + Deliverance Conference, #72

598 Buffalo Road

East Aurora,  NY  14052

[June 23rd – 25th]  

Friday Eve: 6:30 PM – Pastor Mobley from Chicago,  IL -

                   “When Evil Rules Over Mankind”


Sat. 11:00 AM    “The Alabaster Box” – P. Win Worley

                                                           12:00 PM    Lunch Break                                                         

    1:30 PM    Praise Time!

          2:00 PM   “Pursuing Spirits of OVERreacting” – P. John

                                        3:00 PM    Intermission/Break                                       

          3:30 PM    “You Shall Know the Truth - ” V. Mravlag                           

           5:00 PM    Dinner Break [Free Catered Meal]

          6:30 PM    Mass/Group Deliverance   


Sun. 10:30 AM –  “Still Defeated by Ancestral Strongholds?”

        -  P. John


Dear Followers of the Lamb of God,

 Are you aware that a full one-fourth of God’s Word is prophecy?  If prophecy is that important to God, should it not be

just as important to us who love our wonderful Tri – Une God of Israel?   

 Everything you see transpiring around us, from the meteoric rise of Islam and the other “doctrines/teachings of

demons” being promul-gated (1 Tim. 4:1) to the signs in the Heavens and abnormal hap-

penings on earth which Jesus referenced in His Olivet Discourse (Mt. 24), the Word of God has already told us about. 

God and His Son know the end from the beginning (Isa. 46:10).

At the end of the Olivet Discourse, Jeshua gives four parables.  One key parable is given in Mt. 25:1-13 concerning

10 Virgins, 5 who were ready and 5 who were not.  The import for us is clear: we who are privileged to live at this time

and hour of human history are to stay watchful and ready.  Make Heaven’s priorities your priorities.  Stop being in love

with this world (1 Jn. 2:15) and be always readying yourself for these final days of the Church Age.   Do join us as we

endeavor to set the captives free for Jesus’s sake!



DIRECTIONS: 598 Buffalo Road, E. Aurora, NY 14052


From I – 90 West or East, take Exit 54 [Route 400 South], then take

the 4th Exit [Jamison Rd.], turning right at end of ramp, going about

1 mile to Seneca Street/Buffalo Road. Turn left for about 1 mile until

you see a brown/tan trim building on the left.




 ·        CLARION HOTEL – 6700 Transit Road, Williamsville, NY, $70.00/night – Ask for Agape Rate, Book NOW

by calling (716)634-7500 – RESERVE by May 26th, or call Church Office for help!

 Also, Google: HOTWIRE.COM, HOTELS.COM, or consider joining CHOICEHOTELS for points toward your



Naturally, space doesn’t permit listing all the quaint Bed’n Breakfasts

lodgings and camp sites around the East Aurora area.  Plan to arrive early to look around.  We’re not only near the

Canadian border but very close to the Niagara Falls!  Do take some personal or vacation time to invest in things

eternal + for your own family’s freedom!


+ The Agape Bible Bookroom at your fingertips with hundreds of

different titles of books, booklets, CD’s, DVD’s at Workshop discount.


+ Registration: Adults - $20.00; Youth -$15 for 13 and older.


+ Please come dressed modestly and prepared for ministry.


+ 3 great opportunities for Deliverance + Healing Prayer.


+ Need help, or have any questions: Call  Kathy at (716)655-5008

or e-mail at Kapago123@Aol.Com; our website is: AgapeBible.Org.


+ Upcoming Conference:  Fall – September 15 – 17th Weekend!